PureGen works with the NSF, and the WQAto ensure the highest quality and safest products. Many of our products are certified to the toughest industry standards. Our NSF series R.O. systems are certified to NSF / ANSI Standard 58.


PureGen has been a leader in providing water treatment systems and components for over 15 years. With a diverse and growing product line of products made in the USA and overseas, we are able to provide you with the quality and pricing you need to be competitive in today’s challenging market.

5S Features


Cell that spans two columns:

Smart A premium and trustworthy digital controller to start-stop the water pressure pump smartly and silently transmit the water pressure.
Silence Its design with its extraordinary and innovative design to product the pump with minimum sound in action.
Stylish Completed with innovative technology with stainless steel materials.
Superior Pump is produced according to international standard and stringent PureGen quality programme.
Simple Our pumps are easy to be installed and operating, actual settings are clearly indicated by indicator lights on user friendly control panel.


Ebara Automatic Booster Pump – Compact Booster type AM-PC

Operative Features

  • Quiet operation, thanks to EBARA design that makes this possible.
  • Starts and stops the pump when the tap is opened or closed.
  • Maintain pressure at a constant level during operation, eliminating hot/cold shower fluctuations.
  • Shuts off the pump if loss of prime or dry-running occurs.
  • Ensure your pump system to operate at optimum performance.

Operative Features

PRESSCONTROL (PC) is an electronic device ensuring optimum control of automatic water pressure system.

An intelligent combination of hydraulic and electronic know-how, PC controller monitors both pressure and flow and automatically controls the pump efficiently. No pressure tank required and no adjustment of pressure setting is required. Also, any risk of pump damage as a result of dry running is eliminated, as the device will automatically cut-off should the incoming water supply is insufficient.

Much more compact than traditional system, EBARA COMPACT BOOSTER type AM-PC is absolutely quiet, durable and simple to install.


* Dimensional details are provided for reference only.
* All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Ebara Automatic Variable Speed Booster Pump – type JET-E (P1)


  • Domestic water supply for villas, houses, schools, hotels, pent-houses, rest houses and buildings.
  • Industrial water boosting.s

Features / Benefits

  • Constant Pressure
    • PID Controller with inverter able to adjust water pressure perfectly by variable speed control.
  • Energy Saving
    • Using of the inverter able to save energy.
  • No Water Hammering
    • Preventing water hammer as speed is adjusted automatically to meet variable demand.
  • Fully Tested & Assembled Unit
    • Ensure trouble-free operation.
  • Stainless Steel Pump Set Used
    • Hygienic and clean water assured.
  • EBARA TOTAL Warranty On All Components Used
    • More value for money.
  • Nationwide Dealers Representation
    • After-sales service assurance.


  • Supply Voltage : 1 x 230 Vac ± 10% (50Hz)
  • Max liquid temperature : 90°C
  • Installation : Indoor / Outdoor

Inverter Screen

(showing operating parameters)

Performance Chart


* Dimensional details are provided for reference only.
* All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Ebara Pump Booster System – type UE-Mini


  • Water supply for villa, school, hotel, hospital, rest house and highrise buildings.
  • Industrial water boosting.
  • Municipal water supply.
  • General pressure boosting application.


  • 0.75 to 2.2kW, 1PH / 230v / 50Hz input
  • V/F control
  • Pressure control function
  • Option : 3PH / 415V / 50Hz

Feature / Benefit

Constant Pressure : PID controller with integrally built-in VFD inverter is capable of adjusting   water pressure automatically to meet actual demand, at all time.
Energy Saving : The use of inverter make energy saving possible.
Compact Design : Space saving and light weight, thus permit easily installation.
No Water Usage : Prevent water hammering as the speed is adjusted by varying RPM due to   the use of inverter.
Simple To Use : User-friendly controller unit accept minimum setting data for optional   operation.

Key Functions

Duty pressure point setting : Ensure constant pressure operation.
Fully automatic operation : Suitable for most pressure boosting requirement.
Faulty pump skip function : No interruption operation, at all time.
Automatic re-start : Storage of operational data even during sudden or unexpected. power   failure situation, ensure auto-start when power supply resumed.
Dry running protection : Protection of pump unit during low water level or no-flow condition.
Simple data display : Display operating data and provide alarm data where applicable.


* Dimensional details are provided for reference only.
* All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Getting A Solar Water Heater / FAQ

1.Which model of pump should you choose

  • PGH2-30 : Supply for 2 to 3 bathrooms
  • PGH2-40 : Supply for 3 to 4 bathrooms
  • PGH4-40 : Supply for 4 to 5 bathrooms

2.Why should you install a water pressure pump?

To increase the water pressure while there are multiple bathrooms using water at the same time.

3.Where to install the water pressure pump?

Beside your cold water tank (outlet).  Main direct -> Water Filter -> Water Tank -> Water Pump -> Bathrooms’ showers

4. What is our installation include?

Our installation including Cold Water Pipes, Bypass valves, Check Valve, Union Valve and Labor.

5. When should I turn on the pump?

The Pump should turned ON 24 hours as it have a digital control (Turn “On” while using water, Turn “Off” while not using water)

6.Is the Pump high electricity consumption?

Nope, it is just 400 Watt to 600 Watt only. (Around RM0.15 when using for 1 hour)

7. Preparation before installation?

  • 13 Amp single phase plug point.
  • Water and electricity supply
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