What is Hybrid Swimming Pool?

  1. Hybrid Pools is a modular pool system that uses a specialised fiberglass panel construction that gives all the advantages and strength of a conventional concrete pool.
  2. Hybrid Pools are constructed with filed resin fiberglass panels (factory fabricated) The unique filled resin process as rigidity to the panels.
  3. Hybrid Pools can have a concrete floor with panels counter sunk and secured with a bond beam at base of the panel or a fiberglass membrane floor.
  4. Hybrid Pools have a superior tiled finish using a patented cement also polymer applied to all surfaces as a sealant and a bonding agent for tile adhesion.
  5. Hybrid Pools can be finished with Coping Stones added to the the circumference.

Why Hybrid Swimming Pool?

  1. Technology ensures a reliable quality product now used in 11 countries.
  2. Unique Panel System allows unlimited range of shapes and sizes from jacuzzi size to commercial applications.
  3. Hybrid Pools are lightweight solution for roof-top, balcony or in-door pools.
  4. Hybrid Pools have a superior finish with Ceramic/ Mosaic Tiles.
  5. Hybrid Pools’s Panel Pool System greatly reduces construction time.
  6. Hybrid Pools construction leaves a cleaner building site with less construction waste.

Complete with Tile Finish

Hybrid Pools allow you to choose your flavo ur tiles for wall and floor.

Hybrid Pools are treated post installation for a complete tile finish. In site Fibreglass tape is applied to seal joints between panels.

Spectrum tiles waterproofing is applied across all surfaces. The internal tile finish is applied and finished using Spectrum tiles glue and grout.

Combination finishes

Hybrid Pools can coordinate several finishes for a unique swimming pool experience

Unique Hybrid Swimming Pool

  1. The versatility of the Hybrid Pools’s panel system ensures suitability to all types of situations from in-ground and above-ground to after-construction add-ons in hard to access areas.
  2. Hybrid Pools is a thoroughly proven and engineered pool system that overs flexibility of design and application.
  3. Hybrid Pools uses high quality structural components specialcally designed to withstand the weight and pressure of the pool water and surrounding fill.
  4. The relatively lightweight construction can assist in reducing the engineering loads in suspended pool applications such as balcony or roof-top installation.
  5. Hybrid Pools process reduces the construction period dramatically compared to a conventional concrete pool, resulting in reduced labour and material costs.
  6. Hybrid Pools system allows exibility and ease of add-ons including jacuzzi seats, air blower systems, steps and water fountains.
  7. Hybrid Pools can be fitted with skimmer, overfow or infnity edge filtration systems.

Project Integration

Hybrid Pools can work with existing construction details and transform them into modern technology using composite materials.

The below detail demonstrates the conversion from a concrete system with overflow into a modular system with prefinished gelcoat gutter section

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