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  • Sufficient, safe and high water pressure
  • Safe, clean and healthy water


  • Solar water heater
  • Storage tank water heater
  • Water pressure pump
  • Water filter
  • Plumbing works
  • Swimming Pool


  • Domestic and industrial water solutions
  • Certified products and installation
  • Experienced, well-practiced serving team
  • Various brand of products
  • Water quality checking & improvement
  • Quick feedback on your enquiries
  • Custom water testing & consultation
  • Service/repairing for most brands of equipment
  • Non contaminated and maintenance-free systems for solar water heater and pump
  • We are licensed and insured for your protection


Our service technician team are all well-practiced and they are professional enough to work for you. The main goal of our team is to fulfill customer needs & satisfaction. They are able to troubleshooting, testing, repairing & servicing technical equipment. We are ready to provide you the best quality service to work for water solutions.

Solar Water Heater brands we repair: Solarmate, Solarpower, Solahart, Summer, Aquasolar, Aqua solar, Solarplus, Solarmax, Monier, Mysolar, Solarwave.

Our Service Technician Team is trained by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry brands:

Solar Water Heater Spare part replacement:

  • Heating Element
  • Electrical Thermostat
  • Pressure Temperature Valve (PT valves)
  • Hot Water Tank leaking
  • Check Valve (Non Return Valves)
  • Solar Panels leaking
  • No Hot Water

All of our Service Technicians are non-commission employees. They get paid to get the job done right, not to try to “up sell” to a new system or change out parts unnecessarily. We take pride in providing the best value for your money with the highest quality service in Central Malaysia.

Let us show you what our service team can do for you!

Service & Maintenance

Service Solar

Fitting broken

Panel cracked

Booster not function or trip

PT valve leaking

Repair Solar Water Heater

1. Need service and maintenance?

  • Clean the panels for better efficiency
  • Wash the tank to clear all the dirt.
  • Check piping leaking and change a check valve

2. Heating element not functioning.

  • Electrical trip when you turn on the back-up heater?
  • Even turn on the switch for few hours, the water are not heating up?
  • Last time was functioning well, but recently don’t know why it is not function?

3. No Hot Water / No Water

  • No hot water even in the sunny day?
  • Hot water not enough to use?
  • Solar Water Heater Leaking?
  • Low water pressure?

4. Water dripping down from the roof top during sunny day?

  • Solar Water Heater Leaking?
  • Water dripping down to the ceiling?
  • Water leaking for some time YES/ sometime NO?
  • Water too hot?

5. Both hot and cold water taps’ water are hot?

  • Water too hot cannot take shower?

6. Want to change a new set of Solar Water Heater?

  • Look for PROMOTIONS package in our page. Click CONTACT US to leave down your details and we will have consultant to call you and give you the quotation for FREE!


Prevention is better than repair. To avoid unexpectedly breakdown, we are ready to inspect, detect and parts replacement if necessary before major defects developed. We are willing to reduce the defect cost to the minimum it so we offer scheduled maintenance service to all of our customers.

Too busy to keep track of upcoming service dates? Our tracking software keeps us informed as services become due. We can contact you via email or telephone to keep you informed.

Unsure whats going on with your water? Give us a call!