Repair Solar Water Heater

1. Need service and maintenance?

  • Clean the panels for better efficiency
  • Wash the tank to clear all the dirt.
  • Check piping leaking and change a check valve

2. Heating element not functioning.

  • Electrical trip when you turn on the back-up heater?
  • Even turn on the switch for few hours, the water are not heating up?
  • Last time was functioning well, but recently don’t know why it is not function?

3. No Hot Water / No Water

  • No hot water even in the sunny day?
  • Hot water not enough to use?
  • Solar Water Heater Leaking?
  • Low water pressure?

4. Water dripping down from the roof top during sunny day?

  • Solar Water Heater Leaking?
  • Water dripping down to the ceiling?
  • Water leaking for some time YES/ sometime NO?
  • Water too hot?

5. Both hot and cold water taps’ water are hot?

  • Water too hot cannot take shower?

6. Want to change a new set of Solar Water Heater?

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